Jon Winters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Ok, this is bothersome.  I expect XCF to grow and change and improve but I
> also expect a certain amount of backwards compatability.
> I'm using Gimp in a production environment and I'm storing all of my
> "original artwork" images (anything with layers) in .xcf.gz files.
> I'll export the images that actually get used on web sites to web friendly
> formats but I always keep any original image using layers stored as an
> XCF.
> If I read your email correctly I shouldn't do this because I risk coming
> to work one day, upgrading gimp, and finding my entire portfolio of
> production images un-openable in the tool that created them.

you got me wrong. If we ever decide to change our file format, we will
always assure that GIMP can read (and probably also write) the old
format. We will also try our best to extend older GIMP versions so
they can at least read the new format (fortunately this can easily be
achieved through plug-ins).

Salut, Sven
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