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> Today I saw another reason for XCF to be taken more seriously as an 
> interchange format by the GIMP developers (or at least to document 
> the format and its effects better).
> In rec.photo.digital somebody wrote in the thread 'IMatch cataloger / 
> workflow questions' about XCF support for a program called Imatch. 
> The poster would like to see this support, because he keeps edits of 
> his digital photos as .xcf files, IMO an altogether sensible use of 
> the format. And of course, a catalogue program should be able to deal 
> with XCF files then. 
> I am not trying to advocate XCF as a format for the exchange of 
> images, but I do think that if for instance the authors of 
> ImageMagick want to support it, they may have a good reason for that.

my whole point was that we should try to come up with a reasonable
interchange format for multi-layered images instead of using XCF
which isn't really well-suited for this task. Introducing XCF support
into various other apps will make that even more difficult. Perhaps
I'm thinking too idealistic here...

Salut, Sven
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