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> The only feature I miss when I use GIMP is that of Photoshop's brush
> cursors.

I'll second that one.  It's a pain not knowing where your brush will
land - ESPECIALLY because when the image is zoomed in or out, the brush
size can be much larger or smaller than you expect.

If you say 'gimp *.png' and have a bunch of images - some larger
than the screen - some smaller, they can each have a different image
resolution - so you tend to pick a brush suitable for a very high res
image - then move over to a lower res image and discover that now you
are painting with something *much* larger than you expect with very
little visual cues as to what's going on.

Of course, this isn't necessarily an easy feature to implement.  It's
not as simple as setting the X cursor to the right thing because when
you are zoomed right in and painting with a huge brush, you can end
up with a cursor that covers half the screen!

What might be interesting would be a 'preview cursor' that shows you
what the pixels would look like *if* you clicked the mouse button right

> Thanx for any consideration.


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