"Stephen J Baker" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>[...] It's
>not as simple as setting the X cursor to the right thing because when
>you are zoomed right in and painting with a huge brush, you can end
>up with a cursor that covers half the screen!

For X11, using the ordinary cursor up the maximum size is obvious; whether
then to use a masked pixmap or chain of line segments is a matter of
benchmarking under different circumstances (remote vs local X server,
different server cleverness etc).

For instance, a masked pixmap requires little bandwidth once it has been
transferred to the server, but might be slow if the server handles sparse
masked blits in a bad way. Line segments need more bandwidth per mouse
motion but are potentially cheaper to render. Implementing either is not
hard, but I (being primarily an Xlib programmer) don't know how if gdk/gtk
have the necessary primitives

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