Hello Gimp Devel.

First off, I started playing with GIMP 1.3 last night and it is awsome.  The
1.4 stable series is going to be amazing.

I wanted to take this oppertunity, early in the devel work on 1.3 to restate
an old nagging feature request of mine:
The only feature I miss when I use GIMP is that of Photoshop's brush
cursors.  In Photoshop, when you choose a 12pixel brush, your cursor becomes
a 12pixel sphere (or whatever shape of the brush) to illistrate where your
paint is going to drop.  This is, IMHO, a very very useful image editing
tool.  I'd requested this type of ability in the 1.1 and 1.2 development
stage but was asked to wait for 1.3.  I do alot of image cleanup and when
editing an image border (say, painting out a background) its really helpful
to know exactly which pixels are going to be changed.

Thanx for any consideration.


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