On Monday, 14 Jan 2002, Martin Waitz wrote:

> anyone working at the iscissor tool at the moment?
> i would like to implement some of the features described in
> http://www.cs.orst.edu/~enm/publications/GMIP_98/seg_scissors.html
> as a work for an university course.

I think I was the last person to substantially modify the iscissors
code.  I read the paper you reference above, and indeed it was quite
helpful.  However, note that their algorithm is substantially more
computationally expensive than what iscissors.c currently does.  This
is deliberate.  Also, the "live wire" feature mentionned in the paper
would be fairly tough to do in gimp (from a UI point of view).

Can you be more specific about what features described in the paper
you wanted to add to iscissors?

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