Austin Donnelly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> 1.2.2 definitely has the USE_LAPLACIAN code in, but it is not enabled.
> The current developer head in CVS doesn't.  I'm assuming that as part
> of porting iscissors.c to the new tool model someone (Mitch/Sven?)
> took the opportunity to strip out unused code.  This is a perfectly
> reasonable thing to do.
> However, if Martin wants to compare the performance of the full
> Laplacian versus the basic gradient convolutions we do at present,
> he'll need to use the 1.2.2 code.  Or port that code to the current
> developer version.
> In any case, anyone willing to work on iscissors is more than welcome
> to it!  I agree with Sven that work should use the latest developer
> CVS though.

Hi Austin,

I stripped out the USE_LAPLACIAN part not because it was unused
but because my impression was that it could not work:

gimp-1-2/app/iscissors.c has the following piece of code:

static gint  laplacian [9] = 
  -1, -1, -1,
  -1, 8, -1,
  -1, -1, -1,

but then "USE_LAPLACIAN" never appears below and the "laplacian"
matrix is never used, which made me think it's b0rken, so I removed
it when porting it to GimpTool...

I can put the stuff back so people don't need to compare code
they have not restructured themselves, please let me know.

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