Lourens Veen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> With people talking on this list about plugin distribution and management 
> again recently, I figured it'd be nice to have some document which is worked 
> out a bit more than the ideas that have been thrown up so far. So I've 
> started to make such a preliminary design for a plugin distribution system, 
> however, I'm a bit stuck due to lack of knowledge on Gimp internals.

if I'm informed correctly someone is already working on a plug-in manager
but I'd like him to speak up here on himself.

> So, to be somewhate less vague and more specific:
> What's the difference between a tool and a plugin, on the technical side?
> Is there any difference at all or is it all in the GUI?

at least with the current design there is tremendous difference: a tool
is just a function in the gimp core while a plug-in is a separate process.
A tool can do just everything, a plug-in is limited to the libgimp API.

Salut, Sven
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