Lourens Veen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > at least with the current design there is tremendous difference: a tool
> > is just a function in the gimp core while a plug-in is a separate process.
> > A tool can do just everything, a plug-in is limited to the libgimp API.
> Ah, right. So distributing tools through the plug-in manager is nonsense 
> then. Thanks.

I said "with the current design". A plug-in manager should definitely
be designed to also work for pluggable tools (Bex, how would I spell
this correctly?) which is something we definitely want to have in the
future. This brings the question back up: how is a plug-in different
from a plugable tool? I'd say, a tool allows the user to do image
manipulation directly on the image window. It needs a different (not
yet existant) API to be able to do this.

Another nice question is: how is a script different from a plug-in?
I tend to call perl scripts scripts while other people call them 
plug-ins. Anyway, a plug-in manager should be able to handle scripts
as well.

Salut, Sven
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