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On Tuesday 15 January 2002 21:14, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I said "with the current design". A plug-in manager should definitely
> be designed to also work for pluggable tools (Bex, how would I spell
> this correctly?) which is something we definitely want to have in the
> future. This brings the question back up: how is a plug-in different
> from a plugable tool? I'd say, a tool allows the user to do image
> manipulation directly on the image window. It needs a different (not
> yet existant) API to be able to do this.

I agree. For me a tool is something that can be dragged across the image and 
leave a trail of changes, to put it very inprecisely.

Oh, and my guess is plugable.

> Another nice question is: how is a script different from a plug-in?
> I tend to call perl scripts scripts while other people call them
> plug-ins. Anyway, a plug-in manager should be able to handle scripts
> as well.

Let me quote from my unfinished and as-yet unpublished doc:

To be able to design a plug-in distribution system, we need to know exactly 
what a plug-in is first. Currently, a plug-in in The GIMP is a small program, 
written in C, which is compiled at install time and loaded at GIMP startup. 
However, there are a number of other objects that are functionally similar, 
and from an end-user perspective could be regarded as identical. These are 
Tools, and Perl-fu and Script-fu scripts.

I think it's silly that these technical differences are even visible in the 
GUI. I'm all for just sorting things based on function, not on their 
technical background. An exception would be tools, but then this too should 
be independent of technical implementation. I think it's strange that 
Colors->Curves is a tool, since it doesn't fit the above definition. It is, 
for technical reasons, but the end-user shouldn't need to concern herself 
with that.

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