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> On Sun, 20 Jan 2002 16:07:04 -0500
> Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> sent:
> > i would like to have it here, personally:
> > http://www.bbwellington.com/
> > except that they have only non-smoking rooms and don't mention having an
> > internet connect, and i don't know about that european plug problem here
> > either. other than that, i think it would be perfect.
> > 
> > any other thoughts out there?
> > carol
> Would it not be a better idea to figure out the country of origin for
> those attending and place the convention closest to the majority?
just about anywhere in europe would probably be fairly close to the mean, imo.

i think you should do this.  someone who has some clout should drop a line to
these people:

tell them what date we will arrive, ask them if having enough outlets and a 
good internet connection in a nice smoking room (that also has a nice 
non-smoking closet for simon and drc).  ask them for directions to the building
and maybe a list of available guest housing for about 20 miserly people.

you are The GIMP developers, i should think anyone would be happy to be 
selected as the location of GIMPCon2.  also, this is a respectable and fun lug,
imo.  check this out:

photo album here:

the area is beautiful:

and the natives seem to know how to roll:

also, it is my impression that the food is edible:
(i dunno what that orange stuff is though ...)

anyone know a date?

anyone have some clout and a good track record with email?


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