they are starting to whisper about gimpcon2 on GIMPNet lately.  since I won't
be chatting there as often, i would like to move it to this list.

they have mentioned asking gug to host it.

also, there is a nice little lug in norway that has some experience with
sending packets via pidgeons that might be able to adequately meet the gimp
developer needs.  i thought that a nice approach with this lug is just to drop
them a note and tell them when we are coming.

of course, there is a natural gathering at the gnome thing this april.  i don't
know though, not all of the gnome ops on #gimp really get it, imo.

i would like to have it here, personally:
except that they have only non-smoking rooms and don't mention having an
internet connect, and i don't know about that european plug problem here
either. other than that, i think it would be perfect.

any other thoughts out there?

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