On Tue, 2002-01-22 at 01:10, Christian Rose wrote:
> Is the message reorganization in gimp HEAD completed? There are quite a
> few changes, and I'd like to know if it's more safe to start translating
> these without too many expected radical changes coming.
> Before anyone reminds me I'd like to state that I know, and am fully 
> aware of the fact that HEAD is under heavy development, but I'd like to
> update the HEAD translation again, just like before the announced
> message reorganization, and thus want to know if the announced message
> reorganization is complete, so that I don't shoot myself too much in the
> foot by translating gimp HEAD.

Nope. I'm not done yet.  The problem is that I have a higher work load
at the moment and cannot complete things as rapidly as I had hoped.

How should we deal with this?  There are a lot of problems in there that
need to be fixed, but my time is more limited and will come somewhat

I would suggest waiting a little longer at least. I will try to finish
the files in app/gui as soon as I can. those are the main strings,

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