On Thu, 07 Feb 2002, Jon Winters wrote:
 > Went to an Adobe conference yesterday and they claim photoshop 6 has been
 > tested with images up to 8000 layers.  They said it can probably handle
 > more but that is where they stopped testing.  How many layers are we
 > supporting?  (heh... memory is cheap!)

Is there a limit?  Does anybody have a machine with more than 4 GB of
RAM to do some serious testing?  ;-)

 > The other biggie was limited support for _vector_
 > stuff.  Mainly type but you are also able to import layers from
 > Illustrator files.   It would be kinda cool to pull in gfig elements and
 > keep them as vector layers when the image is saved as .xcf.gz
 > The vector layers would be rasterized as part of export to some other
 > image format.
 > I've seen requests for some of this functionality before and I've also
 > seen gimp developers belly ache about it. I know Gimp is a bitmap
 > program... I also know Photoshop _used_to_be_ a bitmap program and now
 > their users have some really nice tools that I would like to see in the
 > Gimp some day.

There are several wishlist items related to the support for vectors.
Start with this one:
...and then follow the links to bug #61786, #6893 and #70499.

Some time ago, I also thought that the GIMP was a bitmap program and
should not mess with vectors, except for selections (paths).  But now
I have changed my mind.  If you look at the commercial programs on the
market today, most of the major paint programs have integrated more
and mode vector functions: JASC's PaintShopPro, Adobe PhotoShop, the
Corel suite, and probably others.

We need a big merge and re-write of GFig, GDynText, the FreeType
plug-in, the Path tool and the layers dialog in order to make all of
this possible.  This is not a trivial task.  I am not opposed to it
and I think that it would be a very good idea.  Unfortunately, nothing
will happen until someone has the time (and skills) to implement these
nice features.

 > Until then... Keep up the Good Work!  GO WILBUR!

GO WILBER!  Wilber, not Wilbur!  ;-)


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