Dov Grobgeld <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > yes, it will use Freetype2 but somewhat hidden behind a Pango layer.
> > The advantage of using Pango on top of Freetype2 is that it takes care
> > of all the ugly details of glyph positioning and shaping.
> And you get all the beautiful rendering of lots of exotic scripts!
> Imagine, now you will be able to render your APL programs in Gimp
> with comments in Chinese and Runes intermixed. 8-)
> This is really the way to go! Keep it up.

uhm, yes, that's the plan. The reality is however that PangoFT2 at the
moment has the basic shaper which works well for lots of scripts but
not so well for the more exotic ones. Then there's an arabic shaper
that's been added in the latest release and that's it. If we want all
the exotic scripts to render correctly, someone needs to port more
PangoXft shaper modules to PangoFT2. Fortunately the porting is pretty

Salut, Sven
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