On Thu, 2002-02-07 at 13:37, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Let's see what we can do about the path tool. Simon started to hack on
> this, but I have no idea how far he's come. On the other hand we
> should probably decide on the feature-set for 1.4 soon and I don't
> think we should try to add sophisticated stuff like vector layers to
> 1.4 since it would probably delay the release too much.

I usually only lurk, but I have to chime in here -
I use the gimp daily in my work, as well as nightly in my play.  Almost
100% of my work makes heavy use of the path tool. (gimpforce.org, user
aduhan)  While paths are pretty functional now, they could use a lot of
work.  A few of the most useful (hopefully non-sophisticated, 1.4-bound)
changes I can see are: 

*)paths are resized with image resize  
*)UNDO works for paths too

and optionally,
*)selection-to-path results in fewer control points 

I just wanted the developers to know that people depend on gimp's path
tool, and really appreciate its existance :)

--Andrew Duhan

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