[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-02-22 at 1248.44 +0000):
> I'd like to whine: I use ALT+mouse1 *inside* a window to quickly move
> it somewhere else on the desktop, therefore any ALT clicking is going
> to annoy me severly.

Alt+MB1 has been used to move the selection for a long time, it is
even documented in the tips messages (something like "if your window
manager does not interecept... blah blah"). So you have been missing
it for a long time.

> Could someone post a summary of the differences between the current
> setup and the proposed new setup?

I have been moving menu things around, and proposed some extra keys,
but did not get into tools keys (make circle for ellipse select and
such). Maybe they should get a config area too?

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