I've sent this to [EMAIL PROTECTED] today and forgot to forward
it here. BTW. I don't intend to do the german translation for The
GIMP 1.4 so if some german speakers want to contribute, this is
a good chance to do so. Please contact me.

I've finally landed the new XML-based tips infrastructure and I think
its time to stop discouraging you from translating the HEAD branch of
The GIMP. We will certainly continue changing messages but I don't
expect that to be too many. So it might make sense to start
translating now.

As you all know, GIMP is special and I'd like to take advantage of the
situation and use this mail to sum up the special parts again. A few
things also have changed with respect to GIMP-1.2...

There are multiple po directories. In particular we have:

  po            - the main gimp application text domain
  po-libgimp    - the libgimp text domain
  po-plug-ins   - the standard plug-ins text domain
  po-script-fu  - the Script-Fu text domain

GIMP uses intltool now, so you can use intltool-update in the po
directory. Unfortunately intltool-update refuses to work outsidethe
po directory, so you need to deal with the old-fashioned update.sh
scripts that are still there for that reason.

The tips directory contains more things to translate. The new tips
file is gimp-tips.xml which is created from gimp-tips.xml.in and the
po files found in the tips directory. You'll find an update.sh script
there and a dedicated ChangeLog, so the tips directory actually
behaves like a po directory for you. All the old translated
gimp_tips.txt files are still in CVS. Please remove them as soon as
all translation for your language are merged into the respective po

More tips for translators are found in the file README.i18n in the
toplevel directory of the GIMP source tree. Please read it!

I encourage you to use UTF-8 encoding for the po files. At the moment
this is isn't mandatory but we might choose to make it mandatory at
some point.

Salut, Sven
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