I'm using gimp 1.2.2 under linux.

I'v noticed such a problem with Image/Histogram function. The values like: Mean, 
Median etc are ok, but the relative height of the histogram bars are not 
correct. Maybe it is not a big problem, but photoshop's bars are proportional to 
  each other ;-).

To be clear. Make an image with 1/4 of white and 3/4 of black. So having 100 
pixels total we have 15 white and 75 black. On histogram everything is counted 
right, but doesn't look right. The white bar should be 1/4 the height of the 
black one. Is it a bug?

The second thing is about making histograms from part (selection) of an image. 
Why can't I do this? Every time i have histogram from all pixels not the 
selected ones. Strange because histogram in Levels window is selection sensitive.

I hope it is the right list to send my comments.

Piotr Legiecki

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