Piotr Legiecki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'v noticed such a problem with Image/Histogram function. The values
> like: Mean, Median etc are ok, but the relative height of the
> histogram bars are not correct. Maybe it is not a big problem, but
> photoshop's bars are proportional to each other ;-).

so what? GIMPs bars are logarithmic. This makes more sense IMO but
it might be nice to be able to switch between logarithmic and linear
view. Why don't you send a patch or file a bug-report ?

> The second thing is about making histograms from part (selection) of
> an image. Why can't I do this? Every time i have histogram from all
> pixels not the selected ones. Strange because histogram in Levels
> window is selection sensitive.

You can't do it because AFAIK it's not implemented.

> I hope it is the right list to send my comments.

yes, but you should also file bug-reports for feature requests or
you risk that your ideas get lost.

Salut, Sven
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