> From: Raphael Quinet 
> Subject: [Gimp-developer] Planned breakage in plug-in API and PDB for 1.3.x or 2.x 
> Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 08:06:59 -0800

> As you can see from this list, it is likely that some or all plug-ins
> will have to be modified at some point in time, and maybe more than
> once.  We should discuss this and decide when this should happen (or
> if it should happen at all).

For the next version of the plug-in/gap it would be useful
if many of the plug-ins do register the structure of the LAST_VALUES buffer
in a lastvalues description file.

I have written gimp_iter_desc.h / .c  for the registration
(that should become part of libgimp if possible)
and a common Iterator Procedure for the gap (Filters->Filter All Layers)
that uses the description file and can replace the plug-ins/gap/iter_ALT stuff.

.. I am currently porting the plug-in/gap code to gimp-1.3.3 and gtk+ 1.3.13
   (offline, have no net access on my linuxbox)

Yours Wolfgang Hofer  [EMAIL PROTECTED] 

Codesample how to register lastvalues description:

#define PLUG_IN_NAME    "plug_in_whirl_pinch"

typedef struct
  gdouble whirl;
  gdouble pinch;
  gdouble radius;
} whirl_pinch_vals_t;

static whirl_pinch_vals_t wpvals =
  90.0, /* whirl */
  0.0,  /* pinch */
  1.0   /* radius */

static void
query (void)

                                 &wpvals, sizeof(wpvals),
                                 GIMP_ITER_GDOUBLE, &wpvals.whirl,
                                 GIMP_ITER_GDOUBLE, &wpvals.pinch,
                                 GIMP_ITER_GDOUBLE, &wpvals.radius,

Here is an example of a lastvalues description file:

# Descriptionfile LAST_VALUES buffer structure (type;offset;size)
# this file is rewritten each time when a procedure registers
# the LAST_VALUES structure. (typical at 1.st gimp startup
# or after installation of new plug-ins)
"plug_in_whirl_pinch" #- added or changed by GIMP on 2002-02-23 16:38:27

And here is an example of the registration Code:

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