Thus spoke Robert Medina
> Will new Gimp versions include PDB access to the
> various editing tools? Or is access currently
> available? The reason I ask is that I'm writting a
> plug-in to help me automate manual postprocessing of
> freshly scanned images (manual processing is
> required).
> To simplify the task, I need to automatically bring up
> the cropping tool with predetermined x-y offsets and
> predetermined length and width set in the dialog box.
> But I don't see a way to start the cropping tool from
> the PDB. 

What about gimp-crop?  Do a "Search by Name" for "crop" in the DB Browser to
see its arguments.  If you actually need the dialog itself, then you'll have
to create one of your own (its not that complex a dialog box - you could do
it with glade probably, or even by hand) and then pass the values to gimp-crop.

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