Piotr Legiecki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'v send this question to bugzilla but with no echo ;-(

we are all quite busy and your report didn't qualify as a real
bug-report. Noone has found the time yet to classify it as enhancement
request and set the FUTURE milestone on it.

> I'd like to know when gimp is going to support 16 bits per channel?
> Photoshop supports it ;-)

as soon as someone sends a patch! No, honestly, this is planned for
GIMP-2.0 and will be implemented thru the GEGL libary. See
http://developer.gimp.org/ for an outline of the GIMP future.

Actually the feature is already around for years but only in the
HOLLLYWOOD branch of The GIMP. See http://film.gimp.org/.

> I know it reads 16 bits per sample files (for ex. tiff files) but it
> looks like it doesn't work with them in 16 bit mode (only 8 bits)?


Salut, Sven
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