On 29 Mar 2002, at 11:37, Piotr Legiecki wrote:

> I wonder if it is possible to read amp photoshop curves? It would be
> very usefull for all who scan frequently, because there are some very
> intersting results after applying such a curve. They can gratly
> improve scan quality.
> Some scanning gurus have created Excel profiles which generates
> different amp curves.
> I know gimp can load/save curves from Curves dialog, but they can't be
> the photoshop ones ;-(
> So I'd like to load amp files from photoshop from Curves window, just
> like native gimp curves.

Regis Rampnoux recently made a plug-in which can be found at 
<http://registry.gimp.org/plugin?id=1557>. I am not sure I entirely 
understand what it does, but it looks like it applies the curve 
directly, rather than converting it to a GIMP curve first.

I seem to remember he was working on another plug-in for Photoshop 

branko collin
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