On 29-Mar-2002 Robert L Krawitz wrote:
>    From: "Branko Collin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>    Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 23:10:12 +0100
>    I seem to remember he was working on another plug-in for Photoshop
>    curves.

The specs are not in the Photoshop SDK documentation... 

> I'd really like to see somebody do this as a front end to the
> Gimp-Print plugin (perhaps with some of the core incorporated into

It will be better to add the transformation after scaling the picture.
> internally), this isn't a problem.  Gimp-print has a 16-bit raw CMYK
> printing mode that's ideal for this kind of thing.

IMHO you should:
- add ICC profiles processing
- add processing of standard Gimp curves, they should applied after
scaling the image and before the "adjust ouput" parameters. You must
keep them working.

I have make a workflow to use hextone inks and soon VM inks (I should
have the inks on wednesday because it is Easter time...).
For these I use a Gimp curve that I apply before printing but it is
before scaling which is not very good. I need to adjust output color
AFTER because with Yellow I could choice cold or warm tone with VM inks.

I am not sure that 16 bits can improve really the printout but I am
ready to test ;-)

The amp files seem deprecated for my use. I wrote the plug-in to print
with hextone inks but I need to add a modifying/saving picture to make
them usefull.

( my workflow is at http://www.regix.com/info/workflow.shtml )

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