Nathan C Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> [...] as soon as I finish up with the tool plug-in work.

actually Mitch and me are not overly happy with your recent commit. It
appears that your code was based on an outdated version of the tools
code so your commit seems to remove some of the fixes Mitch applied
lately.  You also removed some stuff like cursor changing etc. that
was finally working. Our plan was to finally approach 1.4, not to
steer the ship away from it evenb further.

You catched us on the road to Guadec, so we haven't been able to react
earlier and we haven't had much chance to look at the changes in
detail. Hopefully we'll find some time to evaluate the changes in more
depth tomorrow after our talk. At the moment, I'm favoring to back the
tool plug-in changes out of the HEAD branch and to apply it to a
separate branch so we have a chance to finish cleaning up and
stabilizing the tools while you can continue to develop the tool
plug-in infrastructure at the same time. More thoughts on this

Salut, Sven
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