[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-04-04 at 1942.21 +0200):
> I have a question about this limitation: why the Gimp spline curves is
> limited to 17 entries and the procedure gimp-curves-spline use a 32
> items array of points?
> May be it is not the same goal but that is the difference?

Code from the file, it reads 16 pairs:

for (j = 0; j < 17; j++)
    fields = fscanf (f, "%d %d ", &index[i][j], &value[i][j]);
    if (fields != 2)
         g_print ("fields != 2");
         return FALSE;

Umm, hehehe, it reads 16 pairs, x and y values, not 17 (< 17, not <=
17). Sorry, my fault. I am still investigating why 16 and not other
value (could be 256 as amp files, and avoid the x value). Must be
something about the curve widget, I guess, but today I am a bit
"obtuse" with my grep and coding skills.

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