[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-04-04 at 1143.34 +0100):
> If the amp format is simple enough, why don't we just make it the
> default format for Gimp curves too?

The problem I see is that it means not under GIMP people control
(basicaly about improving, I doubt the format would change). For
example, when moving to 16 bits or other modes, I do not see PS AMP
256 entries LUT or GIMP 17 entry curves as the way to go. It sounds
absurd to work in such high mode and then limit other things to brute

Or think about supporting extra channels, AMP only supports one or
three channels. Leaving room for improvement should be taken into
account. I think it is better to write an external converter (uum, it
already exists :] ) than support two formats or discard current (is
there any gimp2amp?) and then try to workaround problems in the

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