I'm writing a new xinput extension module. I'm implementing support for
my device as a *NON-CORE* device.

[This is for gtk compiled with --xinput=xfree ]

I've got cursor movement working just fine. Plus, when I press on the pen, an
appropriately dark splotch appears on the canvas.

However... gimp wont allow for any movement while a pen button is down.
I press down, and a mark is made. I move the pen, and nothing happens until
I stop pressure. At which point, the cursor appears in the spot I have
moved the pen to, with no interveaning trail.

Debug output from my driver confirms that the driver is still sending
MotionNotify events, while the button is down.

Can anyone suggest what I need to do, to make gimp happy?
I'm not following the gimp code very well.

I wanted to use an alternate, 'pure X11' program like xink to do more
direct testing... except I CANT FIND xink any more :-(
kiwi.cs.berkeley.edu no longer exists
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