ons 2002-06-05 klockan 23.28 skrev Philip Brown:
> > This is as good a point to ask as any; in following the
> > latest incarnation of the crazy dep-chain I ran into a
> > dead-end finding the mysterious 'fontconfig' (fontconfig
> > is needed by pango is needed by gtk2 is needed by gimp).
> > Anyone know where I can find such a thing?  I thought
> > that it sounded like it was probably part of pkgconfig
> > (pkgconfig is needed by... etc) but it doesn't seem to
> > be.
> seems that the latest version of pkgconfig is not compatible with the
> latest version of pango.
> Which is a really good reason to not do this sort of nonsense.
> Just use autoconfig like always, instead of this silly pkgconfig.
> It's too redhat, for a software tool that's supposed to be cross-UNIX
> compatible.

Good conspiracy theory or troll, but the problem is that fontconfig has
nothing to do with pkgconfig, so that puts your little offtopic rant at

fontconfig is designed by Keith Packard of XFree86 fame. There's a
fontconfig tarball at http://keithp.com/~keithp/download/. Haven't tried
it though.


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