manjunath s wrote:

> 1.   I've to enable a plugin only when 2 images are
> already opened by GIMP, how do i do it?

I don't think this is possible. If the plugin is a filter,
the filters menu is available from any one image. Extension
plugins are available at any time from the main tool menu.

> 2.   The output of my plugin is another image, Will i
> be able to display it together with those 2 already
> open images.

Yes, the PDB allows you to open image displays.

> 3.   Finally, how can i get the image path from the
> drawable ID(or for that matter, the image opened in
> GIMP), that is obtained after opening the image.

I think you can do this somehow, but remember that not
every image has a file path. (You can create a new image
without giving it a location.)

> 4.   Last but not the least, is the image
> representation in GIMP and that of the libarary
> IMAGEMAGICK compatible.  Is there any way i can get
> gimp's representation of the image from the other and
> vice  versa.

Gimp images are tiled arrays of bytes; I'm not sure what
ImageMagick uses, but I know that it can use byte or 16 bit
pixel channel values. I'm fairly sure you will have to write
your own conversion code.

Maybe if you told us what you're doing...

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