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>   i'm working on a project that fuses 2 images , one 
> with a  higher spatial resolution but grayscale and
> the other with lower spatial resolution but having
> spectral information.  The fused output should be a
> hybrid and should have the qualities of both images. 
> This fusion is done using a new method, where we
> explore the gridwise correspondence of the energy
> values sensed by the satellites while capturing the
> images. This is a small info about the project.
>   So we're integrating this algorithm into gimp as a
> plugin.  This plugin should be enabled only when the 2
> input images are opened.

what about allowing to start the plug-in from one of the images and
require the user to choose the second image in the plug-in's dialog?
That's pretty easy to code using gimp_image_menu_new() (or even

Salut, Sven
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