On 14 Jun 2002, at 15:19, Nick Lamb wrote:

> OK, so the big problem is Script-Fu because it's fairly embedded and
> it's somewhat hairy. The ordinary plugins aren't much of a problem, in
> the very worst case they can be removed from the distribution
> temporarily.
> Surely the #1 thing someone should be doing (preferably someone who
> actually knows about Script-Fu) is to contact the copyright holders
> for the "obnoxiously licensed" Script-Fu code and ask them very
> politely if they would let us include that code in some GPL software,
> with proper credits of course, but without the unacceptable license
> terms ?
> Please someone figure out who to contact, mail them and CC the list.

I thought the older plan was to put in a whole new Scheme 
interpreter. Wouldn't Guile work? That is already GPL'ed.

branko collin
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