Date: Sat, 06 Jul 2002 03:41:59 +0200
   From: Till Kamppeter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

   > Can you also think about how to handle generation of the XML
   > database?  We've never promised stability in terms of printers
   > and supported printer functionality, and I think it's necessary
   > for this stuff to be generatable on the fly.

   As in my previous answer, I will ship an extra
   foomatic-database-gimpprint package which can evolve independent
   from the main database (foomatic-database).

The problem with this is that the foomatic data is intimately tied to
the library version (in the future, hopefully we won't even need to
rev the library to rev the printer data, but we'll see).  So if
somebody upgrades libgimpprint, they must be able to upgrade the
foomatic database simultaneously.

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