On 21 Oct 2002, at 11:53, Kevin Myers wrote:

> Thanks very much to Sven for this info.  Well, since many of my images
> are rather large (in the 400 to 600 megapixel range), maybe I can
> provide some of the additional large image testing that is needed. 
> But I have one problem.  I'm running Windows, and can't seem to figure
> out how to get started building the GIMP under Windows.  Presently I
> am using the binary installable 1.2.4 distribution, but I can't even
> figure out how to compile it using the source from Tor's web site.  As
> descibed in my previous post, I can't even get through the first step,
> which is running ./configure .  So, until I can solve this problem,
> there is no way that I can start trying to work with 1.3 .  Any help
> getting my build process off the ground would be greatly appreciated.

There's a recent Usenet thread starting with message 
<amr5vb$[EMAIL PROTECTED]> in which Keith Lai and Tor 
Lillqvist go through the process step by step. Perhaps that is of any 

Which build environment are you using? 

branko collin
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