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> Thanks for your reply.  My tile cache size is set to 1GB (I have
> 1.5GB of RAM), which should theoretically help based on your
> comments.  Also, upon further testing I have found that the problem
> I am encountering seems to be related to the physical dimensions of
> the image, rather than the file size or pixel count.  For example,
> the GIMP is failing when the height of the image exceeds about 187.5
> feet, regardless of whether using 72 dpi or 200 dpi.

are you saying 188 _feet_ ? That would make about 162000 pixels of
image height. How wide are these images? If I'd assume the same width,
a single RGB layer would have more than 75GB of image data. Your
operating system is not even able to address the amount of virtual
memory you'd need to work with such a beast.

> I would be very willing to try the 1.3x source track.
> Unfortunately, I am limited to running under Windows at the moment,
> and my understanding is that 1.3x has not yet been ported to
> Windows, and that porting would be far too difficult for my amateur
> level porting skills.

this is not true; actually the situation is the other way around.
While GIMP-1.2 needed real porting work, all the libraries required by
GIMP-1.3 now officially support the Win32 platform and it shouldn't be
too difficult to get the GIMP-1.3 source compiled on Windows.

Salut, Sven
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