Just FYI (I have no specific goal with this mail ;): I met some guy from
Dreamworks ("Shrek") at the LWE in Frankfurt, and he told me that their
whole rendering infrastructure is 8 bit, including intermediate results
(so the whole of Shrek was done at 8 bits, with a later dynamic adjustment
of the results into the necessary range).

He also told me that they want to go to 16bits, for 8 bits is only ok
for exclusively-rendered movies, that 8 bit intermediate results do
hurt a lot, and that they do use gimp, for some unnamed adjustments and
especially creating textures, where gimp works extremely well ;)

And finally he told me that the need for 16 bit and floating point is
there in many but not most cases, so one _can_ get along without it, at
leats for rendered scenes.

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