[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-11-01 at 0211.09 +0100):
> adjustments before the data is propagated down to 8bit? I was thinking
> of something like the levels tool. Do you think it would be possible
> to perform a reasonable first color adjustment only by looking at a
> histogram? In that case it should relatively easy to add that

It could be, yes, but I do not think a pure math way is the right way,
images are "more white, no, less, tweak that".

> functionality to some of the file plug-ins. Since this wouldn't need
> any support from the GIMP core (albeit perhaps some helper functions
> in libgimp and libgimpwidgets) this could happen for GIMP-1.4. What do
> you think?

I think it should be visual, a window with the image in 8 bit, and
controls that decide how to get that 8 bit from the original 16 or 32.
Basically black & white points and a curve. I say visual, cos it could
mean what one does in the lab, but digital (load some copies, adjust
each one at will, and mask and mix all the copies to get the final

PNG should be included in this family too, BTW. Any other format?

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