I am trying to make a icon theme to mimic 1.2, but found a weird
problem. See attached tarball demo, here is README:

Can you help seeing what is going with GTK+ icons?
It would make a Classic theme for GIMP work, and probably
discover what is going on (GIMP? GTK+? this install?).

You should unpack the tarball so you have:

Then in ~/.gimp-1.3/gimprc add a single line:
(theme "Classic")

Launch gimp-1.3 and check if you have the blue square or the green one
where the four arrows icons is in image windows. Blue, the bug is general,
green you got the right thing, the bug only happens in my machine. Thanks
in any case.

If you have the GTK+ module named GLE (gle module in the same cvs server
than GIMP), you can use the inspector, navigate to the GtkImage of
this and change the size from 4 to 3 and back to 4... it appears. :-/

Thanks in advance.


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