Guys, perhaps it was wrong for me to do the French/American thing, but I was 
drawing on historical examples.  All the same, I'd not respect anyone who 
didn't respect their own country.  I LOVE America, as an American, and I have 
MAJOR problems with much of America, just the same.

Tolerance isn't the lack of criticism, and intolerance isn't the act of 
criticism, and beyond that, some things are tolerable, and some things are 
not.  So let's drop the "troll" "intolerant" "ignorant" crap and deal with 
information.  These reactions are human nature, and responsible for the 
strife in the world;  just look at this list.

Free discusion of ideas means it's all good, even the bad and the ugly, cause 
that bad and ugly might be the fact that we're wrong, and someone was rude in 
pointing it out.

My problem of recent days started with a reply to a requested feature: mng 
support.  The response I got was that I had a lot of nerve asking someone 
else to slave for me.  I got that from the same who's never even HEARD of 
regular expressions, and is now an active partner in the development of gimp?  
Red flag folks.  I also see a split between Film Gimp and gimp.  More flags 
of red.  And there the fact that very POWERFUL people don't like us.  We 
don't serve them, we undermind their economic rents.

So here's the challenge:  who thinks that not knowing what regular expressions 
are, or thinking that a feature request is wrong, is an indication of knowing 
what you're doing as an open source developer in the GNU/Linux community?

While this on going discussion is not a specific, tactical Q&A on code, it is 
a specific discussion of what it is to work on that code, and the expectation 
of that code's consumers:  the GNU/Linux/Open Source community, and end-users 
the world over.  I'm "chop chewing" because of what I've found in this 
CRITICAL application's development forum.

Teachers correct, some learn, some cheat, others blame.  Fact is, none of us 
matter -- except for the users of gimp.  If we care about them, then we're 
not so different after all.

David Weeks

PS -- my deference to the French, and to Microsoft.  America would be English, 
were it not for aid of France, and computers would be Apple, Unix or IBM, 
were it not for the aid of Microsoft.  Ask those of us who were there, when a 
"pop" of Unix ran $2500 a seat, and Microsoft could be had for $100.  I'm 
glad Richard Stallman, Linus Torvaldes(sp?), Vinton Cerf and company, and the 
internet community furthered the perfection of software technology.  The 
strongest contribution being Freedom.
You can call me at: 813-236-2009, USA
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