I'm proud to announce the first public release of the libpdb suite.  The
libpdb suite is an exciting new library designed to make it easy for
application developers to add scripting and plug-in functionality
available.  It is based on GIMP's PDB implementation, but much work has
been done to improve the programming interface.

Here are the release notes:

The libpdb suite consists of three libraries based on code from the GIMP.
Libpdb is a small library implementing a database that stores information
about procedures available for the scripting of applications.  Libwire is
a lightweight, extensible IPC framework.  Libpdbwire depends on both
libraries and provides a way for a remote process (such as a script or
plug-in) to access procedures stored in the procedural database of another

These libraries are designed such that at a future time they could be
developed and maintained by different groups.

This release is still quite rough around the edges.  Much basic
functionality is missing, and much of the API is subject to change. Still,
application developers seeking to use these libraries in future releases
would be well advised to start implementing the necessary changes to their
programs to be able to access and use the functionality of these

Bug reports and patches are gladly accepted.  These libraries are
currently housed in CVS on my personal computer, but I will place them on
a more public CVS server soon.

All libpdb suite releases will be signed with my public gpg key. Accept no
substitutes!  Always insist on genuine Rockwalrus libpdb releases!  A
different key is used to distinguish between stable and development



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