Robin Rowe wrote:

Are the FreeBSD, Solaris, IRIX and OS/2 efforts truly internal to GIMP,

> treated more like a cousin as with GimpWin, or totally independent efforts
> like MacGimp and Film Gimp?
> I only find Linux, Solaris, and Windows binaries on Where on
> the GIMP Web site is the documenation for Solaris, FreeBSD, Mac, IRIX, and
> OS/2?

Correct on limited flavors of binaries.  We are inclined to be source distributors, 
and leave the
making of more specialized binary distributions to folks who know how to make them. 
For example,
the freeware volunteers at SGI build gimp packages from sources originating from the 
gnome repository the gimp developers here support, but employ the SGI software 
and these install fairly effortlessly on the various SGI's I have.  They are current 
to Gimp 1.2.3 with
a package dated Jul-01-2002.

It would be nice if we tell people to where they may find more exotic binaries, such 
as for SGI,
and give such folks a few thank-you's every now and then. Mea culpa. Hopefully this 
will correct some of that.

Be good, be well


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