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[trying to refute ... what?]

As to the distributions thing: www.gimp.org is the place where you
get the source. Binaries distributed from that site are just a matter
of courtesy. This is not favouring or hating Windows. If anything,
www.gimp.org favours Tor's Windows build, as it is available from the
site. That is much more than can be said for many Unix flavours.

I am a Windows user, but I can understand the developer's decision to
make the site a distribution point for the source, not for binaries.
Distributing builds means commiting to these builds, supporting them,
and as most developers are Linux users, that just is not feasible.

As to the names WinGIMP and MacGIMP: these are the names of
commercial products, both sold by Mat Caughron. His websites manage
to totally confuse the issue, as he is suggesting somehow that his
are the 'official' GIMPs--which in a sense is true, as he is
repackaging and distributing the most popular Mac and Windows builds
of the official source. However, he is not the source of the official

I think there are more than Tor's builds of the GIMP for Windows,
though as far as I can tell, these are mostly for private use by the
builder. A non-programming end-user who uses Windows will probable
end up with Tor's builds, and a non-programming Mac user with the
Fink build.

branko collin
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