Ernst Lippe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> As promised here is my API proposal for a plug-in preview widget. 
> You can find it at http://refocus.sourceforge.net/preview.
> Please examine it critically, this should be a preview that
> should be usable for a very wide range of plug-ins.
> Because I would like to reuse this proposal (or what is left of it
> after the discussion) for the final documentation I
> also welcome minor comments such as spelling mistakes, grammar
> corrections, coding errors and such. 

one thing that I noted at first glance is the namespace. It is
absolutely unacceptable to have any types or function names in the
GIMP API that don't have a GIMP prefix. I'd even prefer to have
everything that is related to this widget be under the same
namespace. Unfortunately GimpPreview is already taken, so we either
need to change the name of the core object or find a new one for the
plug-in preview.

Salut, Sven

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