After an intolerable long wait, I just released the first official version
of the new GimpPreview plug-in widget. 
You can find it at "";.

It has changed considerably compared with the previous proposal. I
have completely eliminated the entire event-id business. In the new
version at most one instance of the rendering function can be active.
Also all names have been changed to start with GimpPreview.

For the time being, I have made this a separate distribution instead
of submitting it directly to the Gimp CVS. The main reason is that
this makes it easier for developers to test it. It contains several
example plug-ins (spread, pixelize and colorify) and a simple test
plug-in. The distribution also contains a tutorial, design document
and Gtk-doc documentation.

Although I can imagine that some persons would be highly reluctant to
make any comments, I would like to encourage everyone, especially all
plug-in developers, to examine it critically. At the moment there is
no installed user-base and it should be fairly easy to change things.


Ernst Lippe
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