It seems that porting gimp-perl to 1.3 is about trivial, well, at least
getting it to compile and run most scripts. The version in CVS compiles
and runs, but the scripts using gtk fail (so better not install it or be
prepared to skio a few plug-ins when running gimp-1.3).

In any case, although the perl-server and yinyang work fine, the "5-minute-port"

- a probably very high dependency on gimpcompat... if not the header file,
  then the symbols at least have the old names.
- it still uses gtk1. porting the Gimp::Fu part itself should be easy,
  but gimp-perl uses some self-written classes, which is not yet supported
  the way I want it (sic!).

Anyway, it was an experiment, but it shows that the job is doable.

On Mon, Jun 16, 2003 at 11:31:16PM +0300, Dov Grobgeld <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Woaw, a PDL plug-in not written by me! Oh my god, I can't believe it
> Yep, though the author missed the whole point of PDL by looping 
> over x and y.

Yeah, shame on me, I only noticed it *after* sending the mail. Ok,
   that's typical.

> Instead of the loop the following code would have done the same thing
> much faster.

How about pacthing it and sending it to me for inclusion? *g*

> Actually, I ported all the non-gui stuff already,

Great, I did it, too :() Ok, if you got gtk+ working, please send me what
you did ;)

> straight forward. I then started looking at perl-gtk-xs. What got me 
> stuck is the fact that you created the various widgets by inheritance 
> and perl-gtk-xs still doesn't support inheriting gtk widgets on the perl
> level. 

Well, it does support it, sort of strangely-not-at-all-but-actually-it-does.

> I'd be happy to send you the stuff that I have, but I really don't
> think that you need it.

well.. gimp-1.3 is surprisingly similar to 1.2 (ehy was everybody scaring
me off? oh, nobody did.. hmm..).

In any case, I only did a rough get-it-compiling again. I hope you got a
bit further, so yes, send it to me.

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