As described in

I once had a partly working prototype (patch against 
Gimp 1.2.x) for macro recording.

I'm about to give it another try with current cvs code 
base, but before I would like to get some information
to avoid (if possible) fast rotting bits.

In short the approach (more info in bugzilla) :
- Intercept every PDB call if a macro recorder instance is running.
  (try to guess the call stack depth to avoid recording functions
   called by a plug-in) 
- deliver PDB calling information to the temp_proc installed by
  the macro recorder
- build a first full blown script recorder in the prefered 
  scripting language (mine is Python)
- extend the Gimp Protocol to allow to deliver typed parameter
  information after an interactive plug-in has fininished it's
- long-term : replace the gimp_set_data/run-with-last-values
  mechanics with the typed parameter information
- maybe : allow to let plug-ins register default parameters
  along with their procedures
- use default parameters to reduce 'forced dialogs', i.e. make
  them optional. Best example is png-save where the user - at
  at least I - almost never changes any values.

Now for my questions :
- are there further huge changes planned for the plug-in/pdb
  code (time involved to maintain my patch) ?
- is the outlined approach mature enough to be at least
  considered for acceptance if I have a first working version ?
- ... ?

Thanks in advance,

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