[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-07-16 at 2244.11 +0200):
> > Don't!  Fullscreen mode is useful for more than that.  It is nice when
> > working on a large image, or a smaller image with high magnification, to
> > get rid of superfluous stuff like the window decoration, but in that case
> > the user may still want to use of the stuff that would otherwise be
> > hidden.
> I find this a lot more useful as well, probably because that's what the
> fullscreen mode was for in Photoshop. A preview is nice as well, but
> fullscreen editing is quite a kick-ass feature.

I always wondered why then the app has to do it, instead of the wm
providing a trully full screen mode (no decors). I thought special
full screens where due something different, like viewing video without
any widget. :-/

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