> This actually could be a serious usablity issue, since a user who has the
> menubar on (which a distro might set as default) after going to fullscreen
> mode might not be able to figure out how to get the menubar back, or even
> how to return to windowed mode.

Hit Escape (Esc) should work.  Also the keybinding for Fullscreen mode
should take them back.

Many programs do also provide some sort of extra clearly obvious button
that takes you out of fullscreen.

> (bah, watching actual real users in usablity tests at work stumble around
> when using really fairly simple interfaces has caused me to loose all
> faith in the intelligence of humanity.  Then again, our users are actual
> real users, too.)

I have to be regularly reminded that most users dont use software on a
regular basis and essentially have to relearn from scratch each time they
try to use an appliction.

> Seriously, though, it would be a much better behavior to keep the menubar
> when the window is made fullscreen.  A user that prefers a menubar will
> probably prefer one in fullscreen mode also.  Besides, a user with a clue
> will be able to turn off the menubar anyway.

I am just really glad to have the menu bar at all.
(Thanks to who ever added it)

- Alan H.

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