On Saturday 26 July 2003 8:04 pm, Adam D. Moss wrote:

> It's a good theory, being the mysterious reason why
> my own patches are made against 1.2.x and then blindly

Ditto here.  There's also a common misconception, dating from the early 
releases of Gnome 2.0.  The first readmes said something about not being able 
to install the 2.0 packages alongside the older 1.4 packages, so many people, 
including myself, assumed this really did mean all the packages including 
GLib/GTK+.  Ironically, GIMP was the main program I was unwilling to 
sacrifice in trying out Gnome 2.0.

It's only recently I've installed GTK2 and got the PangoFT2 bits working - and 
it is a laborious and painful process.

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Alastair M. Robinson

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